You bring the lead.
We do the work.
You get paid… every month

"Rafid, Matt and everyone at The Search Initiative, have been incredible to work with. Their level of expertise, results based data, and smooth implementation of strategy has made my clients love me. This has led to an increase in better sleep and larger bank statements!"

Chris Romero

Scale up your SEO business.

Work less, earn more.

Have the latest and most effective SEO strategies at your fingertips.

Save time and hassle of coordinating and delivering an SEO strategy

Give clients a kick-ass, no BS, transparent service.

Why should I consider outsourcing?

If you’re in the client SEO space, you’ll likely know, full well, that just being SEO proficient is not enough. A special focus needs to be put towards:

Regular communication with clients, making them feel close to the action, and not neglected

Mapping out a strategy for each client


Co-ordinating resources to deliver the tasks needed for the strategy you’ve mapped out

Strategy development and staying up to date with Google

Generally delivering a sh*t hot service, and not letting the quantity of clients affect the quality of your work for each one

OK, why should I pick TSI?

We work in an opposite way to what you’re used to seeing with SEO companies.

We have big ambitions and we want you to be a part of our movement to completely dominate the client SEO space.

The vast majority of the business we bring in is from either client to client referrals, or partnerships with people like you.

Investing into our service is a priority: All profits we make go back into research and development, hiring the finest minds in SEO, upgrading our processes, tools and resources.

We know that the only way to smash the SEO industry is to show the best results. The only way to give the best results is to test SEO theories yourself - there are lots of SEO myths out there.

Our own research and development: We have over a hundred online assets that we own for research and development purposes only. We're always prodding at Google's algos to see what's effective, what's safe, etc. We also We know what works. This, combined with Matt Diggity’s research and technical prowess, helps us to really smash results out for your clients.

What do others have to say?

“In April of 2017 we apparently had gotten a Google Penalty, losing 6,000 Keyword positions overnight. Naturally we wanted to recover as fast as possible. After talking with many people in the SEO community we we decided to work with The Search Initiative.

Not only did we get a full Penalty recovery but our traffic has since tripled and our income doubling. We’ve seen a consistent month over month growth in traffic and positions. Looking forward to gaining more positions and higher rankings in more terms.”

Jamie T Founder of a Social Growth Website

So how does this partnership work?

We’re now open to partnerships with white labellers, and people who would like to simply refer SEO leads/clients to us to close and manage directly.
You've got 2 different options here when it comes to outsourcing & referring SEO work to us

Lead/client referral

You refer leads to us to close, or ready clients for us to take on, you get $400 from the 1st client's 1st month's payment, and then 10% of every other payment that client and following clients make.

The minimum we bring clients on for is $2k a month. We, of course take on full management of the clients, and deliver all the work directly. You won't even have to lift a finger.

White labelling

We provide the work to you directly, with reporting in an editable format, so you can tweak and add your branding/messages as you please.

You will deliver our work and reporting to the client, and you will manage them as well. Also, as we wouldn't be invoicing the clients directly, we would invoice you at a lower rate than what we would charge clients directly.

Which option should I go for?

Most people go for the client/lead referral option, as it's the easiest way for them to scale things on their end and earn residual income. However, if you are focusing on growing your own brand, the second option might be the one for you.

If you’d like to discuss further, please drop us an enquiry through the form below, and our Commercial Director, Rafid Nassir, will be in touch within 48 hours.

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