Voucher Affiliate

Case Study


This voucher codes website is a big fish in the industry. Having a great reputation and, already, a huge visibility the main goal of the campaign was to help the site rank for the most competitive keywords that were barely at the second to the fifth page of Google US.

Website history

The website came to us well optimised and doing well in the search results already. The previous SEOs had left us, however, with a lot of space for improvement in terms of the on-site optimisation and developing a more authoritative link profile.

The main issues holding the site back were

  • Underdeveloped link profile
  • Internal navigation
  • Content not relevant to targeted keywords

Our Strategy

After a solid keyword research that seems had not been done before, we decided to start with a strong foundation for the link building - the on-site optimisation. Starting with the basics, we cracked on irrelevant, duplicated or overly long meta titles.

Meanwhile, we also came to a conclusion that the whole structure should be reworked based on the keyword relevance. Going through that we didn't leave any broken internal/external links or missing images behind! Once everything got redesigned and fixed, we could finish up rewriting meta titles and descriptions to boost the consistency.

On-site issues fixed! Now it was the time to focus on a well-balanced link building. Ambitious goals to rank in TOP5 for the competitive keywords met our anchor text distribution and link velocity strategies. With consistent and controlled number of generic anchor text links acquired every month we prepared a foundation for a more aggressive move. Keyword enriched anchor texts pushed the most prominent keywords to the desired TOP5 just as expected, leaving the site there stable up to today.


First six months of the serious growth in rankings led to much greater visibility and our goals achieved and surpassed. This site grew by an amazing 2017% organic traffic.