Holiday Rentals

Case Study


This client wanted to rank for multiple location specific terms as well as broader keywords that will boost traffic across many different core pages on the site.

Website history

The site was SEO friendly and optimised for conversion at the start of the project, but their link profile was not as niche specific or powerful as the competitors.

The main issues holding the site back were

  • Small content issues
  • Low Authority

Our Strategy

The main reason the client was not ranking is because of their poor link profile. The first step of each campaign is to analyze the backlink profile to remove spammy and low value links that may prevent or hinder growth across the site.

We then began a full scale link building campaign to target various internal destination pages and other landing pages that targeted key terms such as ‘holiday homes’, ‘holiday villas’ and ‘holiday rentals’. We generated over 500 quality and niche relevant backlinks to the site.

One strategy we used was to create a guest post and embed a link within the article. This article generated over:

  • 7.8k Facebook Likes
  • 100 Twitter Shares
  • 18 High Quality Backlinks


The link building campaign escalated a traffic increase of 98.88% through Google organic search.

Site usage metrics also improved over this period showing that we had targeted the right traffic generating keywords that also converted into more revenue.

Google delivered 61.95% more transactions and 64.35% revenue than it did the previous year.