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Optimizing your site for search engines is not enough - it’s equally as important to have a website that’s optimized for your visitors. Although those two things usually go hand-in-hand, it is not always the case that the better the ranking of a website, the better the customer conversion rate.

Extensive keyword research and subsequent implementation can result in high rankings, but even if you get a lot of monthly traffic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a significant number of visitors will choose your services. They could encounter various issues:

  • It might not be apparent what are the strengths of your product
  • It might take too many clicks to get to the information they are looking for
  • Your website might not be enough mobile-friendly
  • The design of your website might not be coherent with the product

“Focus on the user, and all else will follow,” so says Google.

If the visitors experience some problems while navigating your website, they are likely to leave and find similar products or services on other sites - it would take only several seconds.

Unfortunately, the bounce rate also has a negative effect on the rankings. It means that a poor user experience leads to two negative effects - less revenue, but also worse rankings.

If you ensure that users can easily find both relevant and quality content and that they don’t experience any issues during the entirety of the customer journey, you will notice an increase in conversion rates. Most of the websites don’t have a perfect design - it doesn’t take much to gain an advantage over your competitors.

It's best to integrate conversion rate optimisation services into any SEO and marketing services you're getting.

What is user testing?

User testing usually takes the form of a one-on-one interview during which a user tries to accomplish a prespecified goal - f.e. find a piece of information or use a software or app.

They comment out loud on every move they make and give explanations for their actions, and the entire process is also recorded.

Why is it so helpful?

Even the most experienced UX designers can miss some details.

Being able to look at each step of the customer journey allows you to learn about the potential challenges and thought patterns of the users. You’ll know which elements on your website cause users to be frustrated, excited, or misunderstood.

If you make up for what’s lacking, you’ll notice a reduction of support requests and an increase in conversion rates. Quantitative research wouldn’t really tell you what exactly users are trying to achieve, and what their reasons are.

“It’s far better to run some usability testing using what you have to hand than to run no usability testing at all“

(Quote by https://www.smashingmagazine.com/author/christopher-murphy/)

User testing, on the other hand, can help you discover things that you couldn’t learn from raw data. The behavior of the customers is unpredictable, and without direct contact, you can guess only so much.

Apart from learning about the problems of your users, user testing allows you to save time and money spent on the entire project.

It is impossible to create a perfect website without any testing. The mistakes will be made, and some of the perspectives might be missed, but if you react quickly, and make improvements, then there is no reason to be worried.

Focused on Usability

User testing is largely focused on usability, though that’s not all. Even if the website is convenient for the users, they might not have the best opinion about the design. On the other hand, the users often rate websites with a clean look higher, even when they don’t present all the necessary information in the best possible way.

Despite all of the weak or strong points, the opinion of the customers is often hard to predict - that’s because humans are complex. User testing makes it possible to get right to the core of the problem, without any guessing involved.

How user testing helps UX and increases conversions

User testing has been a secret weapon in our CRO agency. It allows us to detect potential problems on websites before they can affect customer satisfaction.

Why is it so important?

If you want to reduce friction and increase customer satisfaction, you can conduct A/B testing, but it will take too much time. If a website has tens of thousands of monthly visitors, then even minor issues could lead to major financial losses.

With user testing, you won’t have to wait weeks until enough data is collected, you will be able to react quickly. Apart from being quicker, it also gives you an in-depth understanding of motivations behind the actions of the users.

How to Order User Testing (CRO)

  1. Send us your name, email, website by using the contact form below or via chat.
  2. We’ll get back to you within 24-hours (Workdays) with a plan to convert your visitors into Paying Customers.
  3. You’ll receive an invoice with a Payment Link
  4. When the payment is cleared, we’ll start working on the audit.

Pricing & Delivery

  • CRO Audit with User Testing costs only $1099
  • Delivery time - usually around 7 business days.

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CRO & User-Testing FAQ:

Q: How often do I need to test my website?

A: It depends on your business, budget, goals, and ability to implement changes. For big companies, we suggest testing a website every month, for medium ones - every three months and small ones - every six months.

If you want to ensure that your website is consistently improved month over month, then it is suggested to repeat this process monthly. It would allow our team to find errors, fix them, run the same test once again, and see whether the results have changed.

Q: I need a consultation after the User Testing Audit. How do I get one?

A: This is an add-on and costs $99. Please, book a consultation on our website.

Q: We’ve found some errors, but we don’t have developers to fix them. Can you help?

A: Yes, we have implementation modules available:











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