Computer Games

Case Study


This site had previously undergone some SEO campaigns and had not seen the progress that they had desired. The core keywords are all variations of a video game titles, with regularly adjusting of targets as new popular games are released.

Website history

This site had been using SEO services before but was not ranking for many terms and had a few on-site adjustments that needed to be made. The content was comprehensive and well optimised for ranking, so the campaign mostly required fixing a few on-site issues and then building authority.

The main issues holding the site back were

  • Technical On-Site Issues
  • Low Authority

Our Strategy

Since this website had previously been optimised for SEO the on-site audit turned up a few issues but things were generally well optimised already. However, upon conducting a backlink audit we found a few suspect links that were holding them back.

We continued to develop on their link building strategy by starting them off with more aggressive link generating campaign; after few months we then switched back to a more outreach led link building strategy. This allowed them to see fast growth in the beginning of the campaign but has made sure they maintained their top spot for many years.


The site went from 20,000 monthly users per month to over 100,000 - all within just 6 months - an increase of 450%. In terms of keywords, as shown by the SEMRush data, during the duration of the campaign we've taken a site that ranked for less than 1000 keywords to over 17,000.